The Community

Sustainable living designed around nature and growing food

Creekside Farm is a small Live & Farm community nestled along Mill Creek, surrounded by nature, just 6 miles west of Ann Arbor, Michigan. The farm began in 2018, and is now in its first growing season.

Creekside Farm is a neighborhood designed around engaging in local food, community, and ecological sustainability. Each site provides the space to build your dream home and participate in agriculture in some way, while preserving the beautiful wetland and forests on the site. Our design firm, Urban Energy Works, will be overseeing the neighborhood and creating bylaws in partnership with the members of the community.



The tool shed at Creekside Farm is communal, meaning that any tool that is in the shed is available for use by the residents. Tools range from traditional agricultural tools such as spades and rakes to tools suited for home improvement projects.

There is also a small library that will contain informational booklets. A “recommended book list” will list out helpful books about permaculture, vegetable gardening, etc. that any residents can purchase and add to the library. The library is not limited to agricultural books, however! Any children’s books, or non-fiction/fiction novels make fun additions.

The Bylaws


As with most neighborhoods, Creekside Farm is managed by a Homeowners Association that comes with its own set of bylaws. Urban Energy Works will be overseeing the association for the first few years, however the bylaws are going to be created in a partnership with the community members at Creekside Farm. You could have a direct hand in deciding the priorities and structure of the management of your neighborhood.


The following consultants have provided significant input and guidance on Creekside's Live and Farm model.

Rose O’Reilly

Dairy Farmer

Rose O’Reilly is a fifth generation farmer in Ireland. She is an Animal Husbandry Consultant.

George Scholl


Scholl Orchards began with a table stand of apples on the side of a street, and has since grown into a robust business in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. George Scholl has been farming since he was a teenager and has been consulting with Creekside Farm on creating and maintaining our community orchard.

Katie Untalan

Regenerative Agricultural Systems

Katie is a fifth-generation owner of Harwood Gold, a maple syrup farm in Northern Michigan. She grows vegetables and herbs for Harwood Gold cafe and is passionate about regenerative agriculture and soil biology. She has helped Creekside Farm set up the community garden, and will continue helping to restore the soils in the agricultural fields on the farm.