Creekside Farm Sites

Browse the available sites for your home, and choose the one that suits the way you want to live. Whether you'd like more privacy or want to be at the center of it all, if you want to be near the gardens or near the forest, each site offers different amenities.

Home sites

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Home sites
Site 1 - 0.86 acres Site 2 - 0.81 acres Site 3 - 0.89 acres Site 4 - 1.24 acres Site 5 - 1.85 acres Site 6 - 1.57 acres Site 7 - 0.9 acres Site 8 - 1.95 acres Site 9 - 1.3 acres

Site 1 - 0.86 acres

The first site at Creekside Farm is 0.86 acres, and provides beautiful views in the front and back of the house. Start each day with a stroll to the community garden or sipping coffee on your front porch facing the preserved wooded wetland. This property basks in the natural light from the south facing frontage.

Site 2 - 0.81 acres

Site 2 at Creekside Farm is 0.81 acres of sun-soaked land. Trees and wildlife lie in front of this property in the preserved wooded wetland, and in the summer you can find your neighbors only a short walk away in the community garden.

Site 3 - 0.89 acres

Site 3 is just a short walk to the community garden, with the back of the property serving as the edge of the garden. At 0.89 acres, this south-east facing property provides a bit more privacy, views of the wooded wetlands, and lots of potential.

Site 4 - 1.24 acres

The fourth site at Creekside Farm is 1.24 acres, with some privacy and an expansive and gorgeous view of the wooded wetlands and grazing fields in the front. Walk out your back door for easy access to the community garden and breathe in the fresh air from the nearby forest.

Site 5 - 1.85 acres

The fifth site at Creekside Farm is 1.85 acres, with a portion of the existing forest at the back of the site. This is the second largest site at Creekside, giving you privacy as well as room to explore your agricultural options. The south-east facing property offers easy access to the community garden, and views of the rolling green fields and wooded wetlands.

Site 6 - 1.57 acres

Site 6 is one of the larger sites at Creekside Farm at 1.57 acres, and has all of the available amenities at Creekside. Bask in the sun as you look out onto the pasture and wooded wetlands to your front, while forest in the back lends privacy, shade and greenery. The community garden is only a short stroll away, where you can tend to tomatoes with your neighbors.

Site 7 - 0.9 acres

Site 7 is the first cul-de-sac site at Creekside Farm at 0.9 acres. Say hello to your neighbors in the mornings before heading out back to an your private agricultural space. This site offers privacy with a beautiful wooded area in the northwest corner, where you can explore and relax in your free time.

Site 8 - 1.95 acres

Site 8 is the largest site at Creekside Farm at 1.95 acres, providing ample space to explore and tend to your own agricultural projects. The site's gorgeous natural features allow you to wave hello to your neighbors before retreating to the privacy of the forest. Situated on a sloping hill, you have the opportunity to build your home with a walkout basement.

Site 9 - 1.3 acres

Site 9, at 1.3 acres, is a beautiful property that features both open and private spaces. To the south, enjoy expansive views of the greenery and openness of the grazing fields, while to the east the forest provides shade, security and comfort. Situated on a sloping hill, this site has the potential for a home with a daylight basement.

Layout of the land

Creekside Farm’s total size is 29.7 acres, which includes 5 acres of preserved woodlands and 9.3 acres of preserved wetlands. The Farm also includes a community garden which is approximately 0.5 acre, and 6.5 acres for community agricultural use.

The home setbacks on each site will be a minimum of 15′ on each side, and 25′ from the roadway to the front of the home. Most sites share a driveway, with the exception of Site 1 and Site 9.

Individual sites include their own onsite well and septic field, as well as ample space for private garden or agricultural projects.